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2015-12-01 (Tue)
Nihongo Kaiwa, is literally conversation in Japanese. This group was created as an initiative of the JWC as a support session for the students of Japanese Studies at Leiden University, to provide them with an opportunity to use Japanese on a more colloquial level.
Currently, our group consists of people from various backgrounds, and who all have different reasons for joining the sessions. There are current and former language students, people who have lived in Japan, or people who developed an interest for the Japanese language through its calligraphy, martial arts or "manga", just to mention a few.
Whatever the reason may have been for joining, the enthusiasm in our conversation group has always created a great atmosphere, since the day we started in 1990's.
We gather twice a month, on the first and third Friday of the month from 10:30 till 12:30 in EGCC, Schokland 14,1181 HV, Amstelveen.
You are very welcome to join us as a native or aspiring speaker.
We can be reached via e-mail jwcnihongokaiwa@gmail.com ; for any further questions.

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