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2019-05-15 (Wed)
Dear all,

It was devastating to watch the football match AJAX lose to TottenHam, but it was amazing how Ajax fan behaved afterwards. The sportsmanship exits in NL, I felt. Anyway, the spring has arrived here in the Netherlands, tulips are full in bloom, and big cities are filled with tourists. The weather is still a bit wet and cold, but let's enjoy the long daytime and occasional sunny weather.

We'd like to remind you that the next Nihongo-kaiwa is on Friday, 17th May.

The topic of the conversation is "How did you spend your May holiday?"

Any other topics are also welcome.

The door is open from 10:15.
The conversation session is from 10:30 to 12:30.
The cost of a beverage is around €2,00. Cash only.
Please try to be on time!

Also, there will be a Nihongo kaiwa on Sunday, 19th May.
1-3pm, at Amstelveen bibliotheek.
It's more casual as there's no topic. If you cannot make it on Fridays, this is your chance to join our JP conversation.

Please check our Facebook for further events.

Hope to see you!

JWC Nihongo-kaiwa
JWC Committee
c/o EGCC
Schokland 14, 1181HV Amstelveen
E-mail: jwcnihongokaiwa@gmail.com
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