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2019-04-08 (Mon)

It was the lovely Friday morning in the warm spring sunshine and the blue sky.

How have you been doing for the last three weeks since the last time we’d had the Japanese Conversation?

Perhaps, because of the nice weather people tend to stay outside or some Japanese members are back in Japan, lesser members participated in the session, but we talked and laughed a lot as usual.

The trees lining the streets are beginning to have new leaves and buds and the flowers are blooming. Now is such a fantastic season but today’s topic was about hay fever!

A lot of people suffer from it at this time of year in Japan due to cedar pollen.
Here in the Netherlands people do as well, however, because of plane trees, white birches and some other reasons.

To go to chemists or see your general practitioner and get medications may be the best & the quickest way to do, but we talked about the other ways apart from the medications.

“ Sleep well !”

That’s right.It is the best way for all health issues not only hay fever!

“The fermented juice made from the citrus fruit called Jabara and sugar really works well against hay fever.”

Jabara the citrus fruit seems to be on trend right now for easing hay fever in Japan.
Check it if you are interested in!

“It’s great to have local made honey without heating like eating together with yogurt!

You could get it at the Amsterdamse Bos.”

We haven’t confirmed yet the facts but if you are interested in them, please check the details on your own.

All medicines and remedies don’t work for everybody all the time.

It’s very nice to try various ways and eventually find out the best way for yourself!

Today’s topic was inspired by H who suffered from terrible hay fever for the last 4-5 weeks and the experience which hay fever had gone immediately after arriving at the country where it was very hot and dry and staying there for 2 weeks. Climatotherapy ,the treatment by a change of air can be also one of the ways to recover!

Thanks for the advice.

It is the most wonderful time of the year in the Netherlands now.
Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

After the session, some members continued to chat at the café next door.

We only have a session in April due to Easter.

Next session will be on the 17 th May.
(No session on the 3 rd May)

If you are interested in joining our sessions, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending e-mail.

jwcnihongokaiwa☆gmail.com ( please change ☆ to @)


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