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2019-03-03 (Sun)
There has been a huge difference between the cold days and the warm days recently.

It seems like we skipped spring and went straight to early summer in The Netherlands.

The unusual warmth may cause you to have some health issues.

How have you been doing?

Not only in Japan, ‘ hey fever’ ( hooikoorts in Dutch) is commonly spreading here as well.

You could see the medications related to the hey fever at this time of the year.

It might be very important to know how to spend cold days on appropriate ways for keeping yourself healthy during a year around.

Today’s topic was “ My routine on a cold day “.

For those who are sensitive to cold, how to keep themselves warm is sort of their assignment in winter.

One JWC member who struggled with the matter said:

“ I use a hot cherry pit pillow and wrap to keep me warm. You can use it repeatedly.
Hot water bottles for my bed are also useful!”

She knows very well how to handle with the problems.

The other said:

“ I have a hot meal such as Sukiyaki, soup and so on.”

“ Trying to have a cup of tea.”

“ I don’t have chilled water, always have room temperature water.”

Most of them are cautious about what they eat and drink.
Hippocrates once said food is medicine!

The most impressive comment was:

“ I don’t really like the cold and dark winter days because I tend to be lazy, so deliberately try to have the same routine as summer. Then I feel so active as I am in summer even if it’s winter.”

Good idea!!

It’s easy, but great for us to add such routines to our daily lives.

Today’s participants were various and international when it came to their backgrounds such as China,Taiwan,Vietnam, the UK, the NL ,Japan and more.

As usual, not only Today’s topic, we also talked about delicious Vietnamese food , Taiwanese food ,Funny Christmas clothes in the UK and even more.

Next Nihongokaiwa session will be on the 15 th March.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

On Saturday the 16 th March, JWC organaises ‘ the Origami workshop’at Amstelveen Library.

The event is suitable for children between 4 and 12 years old.
Admission free and no reservations required.
Please pop in the event with your kids or tell your neighbours or friends those who have children about the event.

If you are interested in joining our nihongokaiwa sessions, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending e-mail.

jwcnihongokaiwa ☆gmail.com(please change ☆ to @)

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