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2019-02-16 (Sat)

It was a bright ,sunny morning. Spring was almost around the corner.

The session was ‘ Open Day’ which we regularly organised the special day in order to introduce our JWC activities to people who are interested in.


We were ready a bit earlier than usual and waited for them to come.
As soon as it was time to start, 29 people came to the place and started chatting.
We were so happy to have such a lot of participants for the day.

The day’s topic was ‘ What are your favourite traveling styles?’.

The spring holiday was the following week in Amstelveen area and the holiday seasons such as Easter, the accession and more were upon us, so most people might have plans for them.

‘ I went to Keukenhof Gardens a day after I had first arrived in The Netherlands. It was memorable.’

‘ When I lived in Japan for a year, I visited a lot of places.’

‘ Online booking applications are now my favorites.’

‘ I really like visiting ‘ the power spots’ such as shrines. Is there anywhere like that here in Europe?’

‘ It was nice to visit London, flying with the budget airline. It sometimes costs about 20 euro, if you are lucky enough!’

Most of the participants frequently travel, so they have a lot of experiences and seem to enjoy doing on their own styles.
Not only chatting about traveling, we were also excited to talk about other topics.

Such as stories about sweets,

‘ I made ‘ the strawberry mille-feuille ,type of pastry’ for the first time in three years. I was happy because it was very tasty.’

‘ I made ‘ the brownies.’ My best receipt is that bread flour ◯◯ gram, sugar ◯◯gram, etc.’

Or ‘ I had an interview with the Japanese movie director and wrote the article about him and his movies.’

How interesting it was.

We were grad to see the people who joined us for the first time or the ones after some time and grateful to the regular members as well.

Thank you very much for joining us!

Even after the session, some had lunch together or went to Friday market together to continue conversations in Japanese on Friday afternoon in early spring.

Next Nihongo-kaiwa session will be on the 1st March.

If you are interested in joining our sessions, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending e-mail.

jwcnihongokaiwa☆gmail.com ( please change ☆ to @)

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