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2019-01-07 (Mon)
Hi All,

A Happy New Year! How are you? How was your winter holiday?
December is surely one of the busiest and jolliest month of the year for all of us.
Now a new year of 2019 has began.
Have any of you got a resolution to "Improve Japanese skill"? Then we're surely there for you.

We'd like to remind you that the next Nihongo-kaiwa is on Friday, 18th January.

The topic of the conversation is "What is/are your new year resolution(s)?"
Any other topics are also welcome.

The door is open from 10:15.
The conversation session is from 10:30 to 12:30.
The cost of a beverage is around €2,00. Cash only.
Please try to be on time!

Hope to see you!

for JWC Nihongo-kaiwa

Special New Year Workshop "Japanese Kite making workshop"

Have you ever flown a kite? OK, then, have you ever made one?
Making and flying kite is a tradition for Japanese families for many centuries.
The traditional kite is made by a light bamboo frame and Washi paper, and designed with legendary war heroes and bold Japanese characters. Some kites are seen as works of art.

We're organizing a kite making workshop as a New Year special event of JWC. 

If you want to join the workshop, please let us know by replying to this email. Number of kite is limited, so first come, first served.

"Japanese Kite making workshop"
Friday 25th January 2019
From 10:30-12:30
Location: EGCC (Schokland 14, 1181HV Amstelveen)
Fee: 5 euro (including one drink)
Kite WS(EN)

JWC Committee
c/o EGCC
Schokland 14, 1181HV Amstelveen
E-mail: jwcnihongokaiwa@gmail.com
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