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2018-10-19 (Fri)
The weather's been almost too good for October. Our JP conversation started as usual, but with much refreshed feeling as the weather.

One of our Dutch members always bring a big jar of cookies and share them with all of us. Thank you very much!!


Today's cookies were 'bat' shapes, as Halloween is approaching. Yummy!!

Today's theme was "If you are to give ONE piece of advice to the new comer from Japan to live in the Netherlands, what would it be?"

Everyone had different ideas.

Life in general:

"Patience. That's it."

"Prepare a bicycle and get ready to ride it."

"If you don't know how to start a conversation with a Dutch person, always try weather."

"Be careful with your purses and bags."

"Umbrellas aren't very helpful. Prepare a waterproof jacket with a hoody."

For work:

"You can go home after 5pm."

"Bare in mind that things won't go as you wish."

Every piece of advice was very convincing, as they all came from their experience (in many time both in Japan and the Netherlands).

Personally, the Netherlands is such a foreigner-friendly country (at least in Amsterdam), I'd advice "Don't worry about anything. You'll enjoy your life here."


Next Nihongo-kaiwa will be on the2nd November.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail.


jwcnihongokaiwa☆gmail.com(please change ☆ to @)

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