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2018-10-06 (Sat)
Not a lot of people in the Netherlands are fond of autumn, but it has a beautiful autumn colors just like Japan, and it is a lot of fun to walk on the fluffy leafy road around this time of the year. Also it is a nice season to taste autumn as well; soups, stew, and so many more.

BTW, the photo above is a recent photo of the EGCC entrance. The table for the ads and poster board have been taken away.

Instead, the entrance hall has been greatly renovated and now it has a big ads shelf and book shelf.

Nihonogo-kaiwa started as usual. A member spent 2 hours by train to reach us, another brought a big box full of handmade cookies to share, another came with her small children. This is something we'd like to cherish. Thank you very much for your participation.

In total there were more than 30 participants, that we didn't have enough chairs! The conversation was very lively and time flew like a rocket.

The theme was "Are you happy? rate out of 10. If not 10, then what would make the rate higher?"

The Netherlands is well known for the children's happiness being World's No.1, but how about adults? Are they still happy? 

The result was interesting. There was almost nobody with 10 points. 9 points... a few. 

Most of the people rated their happiness as 7 points.

The reason for their not-10 points were...

"I'm not happy with my work now."

"I don't have enough money to make me very happy."

Indeed, work and money are very much related to happiness, both in Japan and the Netherlands.

A member said "The level of happiness changes daily. Today my happiness level is 8."

Very convincing answer. 

The indicators for happiness are different by each individual, but what was notable was that nobody was comparing their happiness with other people.

When looking from Japanese perspective, people tend to compare themselves with other people, but here in the NL individual is more focused.

Maybe comparing with others is not in the mindset of the people living in the NL.

The next Nihongo-kaiwa is on Friday 19th October.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail.


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