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2018-09-21 (Fri)
Today's weather was so dutch, with strong wind and rains all over the place. Umbrella was useless in this kind of weather...

Despite such weather, a member came from far away. There was also a new comer who was away from Japanese language for over a year.

Today's theme was "My favorite TV programmes/movies."

This theme is very useful when you practice how to tell a story to someone who has no knowledge of what you want to say.

Begin with the title, subtitle... Which genre? Where is the programme taken place?

Who are the casts? What is the story? The highlights?

Why do you like the programme? What is your favorite scene?

This may be a little of a challenge in your native language, if you want to do it perfectly.

Thanks to YouTube and Netflix, we can now watch TV programmes and movies easily with great deal of variety.

We tend to watch similar kinds of programmes. Bul istening to other people will enable us to find something totally new and interesting.

A non-JP member told us her love towards JP TV drama series, which a lot of JP people don't know even it existed.

So 2 hours passed like an arrow. Very fast!

Thank you very much for all who came today. See you next time!

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