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2018-05-18 (Fri)
It was a sunny, but a little chilly day in Amstelveen.

There were more than 20 people, which made the atmosphere very lively.


Today’s theme was “Things I’m proud of about my hometown.”

A French member is from a town which was used often by an artist Mone.

A JP member is from a town which is famous with a National treasure castle.

Another JP member is from a town which was famous for seaweed farming, and farming is scarce now, but her town is still known with quality seaweed products.

Among all the stories, one Dutch member told us that his village has no tourist attractions, but people are very friendly and that is what he’s proud of. It was a heart-warming story.

It was really an good atmosphere with a lot of people and a lot of things to talk about. The temperature inside was much warmer with all the energy with all the people.

The next Japanese conversation is on 1st June. It’s an Open day for Japanese people, so you will be able to meet more new people!

S. M.
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