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2018-03-25 (Sun)
Several decades ago I worked in Japan for a couple of years, and took Japanese lessons while I was there.

Since then I have been back to Japan a few times, but speaking Japanese has become more difficult each time.

Last year I started going to JWC Nihongo-Kaiwa to help bring some of it back.

At first I struggled to understand, or say, anything, but everyone is patient and kind, and it has gradually become easier.

Now we are able to have a laugh together, while discussing various topics, and sometimes exchanging tips about e.g. Japanese or European food, or travel.

We sit in groups of four or five around tables and start to talk about a topic sent around earlier, although generally the conversation moves on to something else after a while.

The groups also change twice during the morning, so everyone can talk to a few different people.

JWC Nihongo-Kaiwa provides a wonderful opportunity to practice speaking Japanese in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, and I am very grateful.

Sue G.
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