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2018-10-12 (Fri)

Hi all,

September is a good month for starting something new, after all the summer holiday fun. How about October? For Amsterdammers it is a season for running, for the Amsterdam marathon, for those who have children it is a month for reading more books with the 'kinderboeken week', for many people it is a season to enjoy autumn harvest such as pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

We'd like to remind you that the next Nihongo-kaiwa is on Friday, 19th October.

The topic of the conversation is...

"If you are to give ONE piece of advice to the new comer from Japan to live in the Netherlands, what would it be?"

Any other topics are also welcome.

The door is open from 10:15.
The conversation session is from 10:30 to 12:30.
The cost of a beverage is around €2,00. Cash only.
Please try to be on time!

Hope to see you!

JWC Nihongo-kaiwa
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