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2018-12-04 (Tue)
Dear all,

Now that the Sinterklaas is going back home soon, some parents are relieved, some people are already looking for something else to have fun, and some are maybe preparing for Christmas holiday.

We'd like to remind you that the next Nihongo-kaiwa is on Friday, 7th December.
This will be the last Friday session in 2018.

The topic of the conversation is "My news in 2018 (tell us your most memorable moments happened this year."

Any other topics are also welcome.

The door is open from 10:15.
The conversation session is from 10:30 to 12:30.
The cost of a beverage is around €2,00. Cash only.
Please try to be on time!

Hope to see you!

for JWC Nihongo-kaiwa
c/o EGCC
Schokland 14, 1181HV Amstelveen
E-mail: jwcnihongokaiwa@gmail.com
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2018-11-05 (Mon)
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2nd November JP conversation ‘ Memories of Sint-Maartin ‘ As summertime is over,the nights seem to get longer than before. How have you been doing? It rained all day long the day before ,but it was a lovely morning. 20 members including 2 new participants W san & C san took part in our session this time. The topic of the day was ‘ Memories of Sinte Maartin ‘ but some of the members were not familiar with him and the event itself , so we talked about some information such as who he was , what the stories behind the event, when & where it was celebrated and so on before moving on to the conversations. According to the Dutch members, Sinte Maartin dag( Saint Martin day) is mainly celebrated in the northern part of the Netherlands,especially in Utrecht and the neighboring areas.Children who go door to door with their paper lanterns are rarely spotted in the southern part of the country, they added. Our Japanese member, N san said that she enjoyed and celebrated the day ,which she had never done in Japan , together with her child. P san who frequently visits Japan told us when his children were young he joined the processions with them but he really enjoyed Halloween more than Sinte Maartin dag these days. He likes Halloween costumes although he doesn’t wear and its ambience but not only Halloween stuff he does Japanese ghosts as well. When he went to Tokyo,he visited so called ‘ Yotsuya Shrine’which is related to one of the most famous Japanese ghost stories ‘ Yotsuya Kaidan ‘. How amazing he is! Someone said that some children would prefer Halloween rather than Sinte Maartin once they got sweets easier by saying ‘ trick or treat’ than by singing ‘sinte maartin song’. How practical young people are!!! Sinte Maartin dag is just aroud the corner. 11th November is on Sunday in this year. Don’t give up singing the song, dears! Sweets are ready! We are waiting for you to come. Next Nihongo-Kaiwa will be on the 16th November . If you are interested,please contact us by e-mail. jwcnihongokaiwa ☆gmail.com (please change ☆ to @) HK

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2018-11-05 (Mon)
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11月2日 日本語会話 シントマールテンの思い出 夏時間が終わり、急に、夜が長く感じられるようになりましたが、皆さま、いかがお過ごしでしょうか?今朝は、前日の雨も上がり、初参加のお二人、CさんとWさんを含む、20名の方々に、お集まりいただきました。 今日のテーマは、「シントマールテンの思い出」ということで、シントマールテンを、ご存知でない方もいらっしゃいましたので、調べる事ができる範囲内で、簡単に歴史や背景を説明させて頂きました。 ローマ帝国時代のある兵士が、洗礼を受け、やがて、フランスで司教になったこと、11月11日は、シントマールテンの命日、あるいは、埋葬された日とされている、とのことでしたが、オランダ人メンバーの方々から、シントマールテンの祝いは、アムステルダム界隈では、盛んだけど、オランダ南部では、全く見たことがないよ、、特に、ユトレヒト周辺で、重要なお祭りなんです、、等の情報も、教えていただきました。 由来や祝い方は諸説ありまが、オランダ版ハロウィーンといったイメージで、定着しているようです。 日本人メンバーのNさんは、お子さまと祝う、楽しいオランダのイベントだとおっしゃっていました。 ノンジャパメンバーのPさんは、お子さまが小さかった頃は、一緒に祝っていたそうですが、今は、ハロウィーンの方が楽しくて、自分で仮装はしないけれど、ハロウィーンの雰囲気が大好きだとのことでした。更に、日本の妖怪や怪談にも興味があり、東京に行った時、通称「四谷怪談神社」を訪ねた話を披露してくださいました。お岩さんや妖怪ウオッチ、、皆さん、本当に良くご存知です! 最近は、シントマールテンの唄を繰り返し歌うより、トリック オア トリートと言うだけで、アメがもらえる、ハロウィーンのほうが好きだという子どもたちが増えてきた、と話してくださった方もいました。なるほど、さすが、若い子たちは、現実的ですね! 今年のシントマールテンの日は、日曜日です。 どうか、ハロウィーンの方が楽だなんて言わないで、シントマールテンの唄を、たくさん聞かせてください。お菓子の準備をして待っていますので、子どもたちがたくさん来てくれますように。。 Sinte,sinte maarten, De koeien hebben staarten, Meisjes hebben rokjes aan, Daar komt sinte maarten aan. 次回の日本語会話は、11月16日(金)です。 私たちの活動や、日本語会話に興味のある方は、お気軽にメールで、お問い合わせください。 jwcnihongokaiwa ☆gmail.com (☆を@に変えてください) HK

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2018-10-06 (Sat)
Not a lot of people in the Netherlands are fond of autumn, but it has a beautiful autumn colors just like Japan, and it is a lot of fun to walk on the fluffy leafy road around this time of the year. Also it is a nice season to taste autumn as well; soups, stew, and so many more.

BTW, the photo above is a recent photo of the EGCC entrance. The table for the ads and poster board have been taken away.

Instead, the entrance hall has been greatly renovated and now it has a big ads shelf and book shelf.

Nihonogo-kaiwa started as usual. A member spent 2 hours by train to reach us, another brought a big box full of handmade cookies to share, another came with her small children. This is something we'd like to cherish. Thank you very much for your participation.

In total there were more than 30 participants, that we didn't have enough chairs! The conversation was very lively and time flew like a rocket.

The theme was "Are you happy? rate out of 10. If not 10, then what would make the rate higher?"

The Netherlands is well known for the children's happiness being World's No.1, but how about adults? Are they still happy? 

The result was interesting. There was almost nobody with 10 points. 9 points... a few. 

Most of the people rated their happiness as 7 points.

The reason for their not-10 points were...

"I'm not happy with my work now."

"I don't have enough money to make me very happy."

Indeed, work and money are very much related to happiness, both in Japan and the Netherlands.

A member said "The level of happiness changes daily. Today my happiness level is 8."

Very convincing answer. 

The indicators for happiness are different by each individual, but what was notable was that nobody was comparing their happiness with other people.

When looking from Japanese perspective, people tend to compare themselves with other people, but here in the NL individual is more focused.

Maybe comparing with others is not in the mindset of the people living in the NL.

The next Nihongo-kaiwa is on Friday 19th October.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail.


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2018-06-18 (Mon)
Blue Beige Illustration Art Gallery Raffle Flyer
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